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Fallen Kingdom LitJoy Crate Unboxing


As you may already know, I discovered LitJoy a while ago and what made me decide for them were two things: that it was cheaper than Fairyloot (including shipping, and considering LitJoy is international shipping vs Fairyloot doing national shipping), and that it curates the box for the book. Yes, there is a theme, and the items fall into the theme, but they do because they genuinely reference either items of the book or things used in the book (and sometimes the theme). Plus it usually comes with an explanation of why they chose each item that is a little more in depth than most other boxes I’ve tried.

But let’s get into this box, going from left to right (there aren’t any more unboxings with this layout, don’t worry):

  • A ruling the world after a finish one more chapter Tumbler (I think that is the right word?), I like it more than the previous bottle type item they sent, as this one fits better but I probably won’t be using it. Nevertheless it is fun, in a great shade of purple.
  • Three trading cards. I like getting them but most of the time I barely recognise the characters and I am not too bothered by them (is anyone really into the whole trading cards thing?). They’re a consistent thing and I am ambiguos about them. (The art is gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate that).
  • Once a King, by Erin Summerill. I have the two previous books (which I haven’t read yet) but it was nice to get this edition (it is such a gorgeous one! Classy, beautiful, one of the best “exclusive editions” I’ve seen). I was surprised they included a book that is considered the third in a series, but for me it wasn’t an issue, and actually made this a great choice.
  • Some Darkling (I may be lying) print. You can see how excited I am about it because I can’t even remember who it is, right?
  • If you can read this.. pair of socks. I wasn’t very keen about socks in book boxes when they first started because they weren’t great socks, but I am loving the good quality, not tacky ones that I have been receiving recently in different boxes, and this ones aren’t the exception.
  • Courage dear heart notebook, I loved the artwork. Narnia, yes please.
  • Weasley is King pin, which felt like a super cute badge and made me instantly smile.
  • The themed artwork print which also is the author letter (if I got it right, usually it is inside the book but there was an printing error, however it doesn’t bother me as it still fits inside the book, without damaging it so no biggie!)

All in all it was a nice box, and I was happy to not receive another reading journal and instead get a nice notebook that I can choose to use for whatever purposes I want (which may or may not be a reading journal, but who am I kidding? It definitely won’t be a journal because I haven’t been able to keep one ever).

As I have been saying before about boxes (in previous unboxing posts) missing out on the little things, for example, this box had the “weasley is king” pin which to me was just a wonderful little item I had. I could only have asked for a paper crown in it to make it better.

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  1. Sadly not cheaper any more since the hiked up the postage! Which I wouldn’t mind but it doesn’t get here any faster 🙁

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