Hello there!

I am Moon and I look a little like Hermione except that I need glasses and I am secretly a vampire (allergic to light). I am also very short and I do not wear heels (biomechanics are interesting, plus heels are evil and make me hurt).

I like reading and books. I am quite a geek, nerd and a hipster (before it was even a thing). To be fair, it’s not like I was trying to fill those tags. I just happened to somewhat fit them.

I am smart, love learning, reading, will find shortcuts for maths (and can do mental maths, sometimes quicker than my friends can do them on a calculator), actually I like finding ‘shortcuts’ in everything. I consider them to be ways to be more efficient or quicker or just get better results. Which means some times I will take the ‘long way shortcut’.

I am the girl that always has a book around (they are everywhere, in my purse, on the shelves, on the kitchen counter, on the bedstand, on the floor…). If I have to buy a purse, the smallest I can accept in size has to fit a paperback at the very least, otherwise they don’t make the cut (priorities).

Also I like taking opportunities so I have done a lot of things in my life and keep my mind open to new things.

This blog is meant to be a collection of book reviews (because books of course), recipes (who doesn’t like food?), some of my writing and musings, drawings and other things running around my mind.

If you are insterested in having me review your book or subscription box, please read my Review and Rating System post.

For artwork commissions, please use the Contact form. The availability of this will depend on other commitments.