Ad/Gift Policy

Due to new recommendations set up in the UK, the best way to clarify things is to have a page dedicated to it.

I highly recommend you also read my Review Policy.

But let’s tackle the whole ads, gifts, and other “promotion” things.

I do not receive any money for my posts and up to this day never have. This blog is a hobby, not my job nor an alternative source of income.

I am open to free review copies (see above mentioned Review Policy). I request them in physical form due to light sensitivity constraints, which means I receive a gift of a book. This is usually a proof copy, and sometimes a finished copy. Sometimes the publisher adds little extras.

This is all a gift from the publisher, and regardless of it, I am honest in my reviews (if I don’t like the book or couldn’t finish it, I usually let the publisher/author know I’d rather not make a post than have to write badly about it) and they can send me everything they want but that won’t change my review.

Most of my posts and reviews are from copies I buy myself and no one has paid me to review them. I do so to share my thoughts on the book (or the book box, I unbox those too, and up to this day I do not have the followers to be a rep, so no free boxes for me) and to try to see if it helps others.

As I have stated before, all links to buy a book are on Amazon and are part of the Amazon Associates scheme. I have yet to see this give me any revenue or any reward, no penny has come from this yet. And the only reason I chose to do the Associates things is that I was linking to Amazon anyway, so I chose to try to get a bit more out of it (but it has flopped, people don’t buy books from my links).

As a delightful disclosure, in 2018 I spent about £3500+ into books and book boxes (the things that usually appear on my blog) and received just a few proof copies and no free book boxes (or any other kind). Following years have also been expensive and most of the money is spent in books, even if I added the price of a finished copy of the ones I have been gifted, I would still be several thousand in the red.