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Magical Creatures NPC Crate Unboxing


The baby Nifflers got into the box, they surely could smell some “gems” in it. So here’s a quick unboxing (because we don’t want them to get sick by eating candles or a shiny pin).

All NPC crates come with three candles, a pin and a bookmark. (Nifflers not included or the jigsaw behind as background)

The candles are Thunderbird which had a fresh smell, citrusy but also “clean”. Probably my least favourite of the three (but it doesn’t mean I don’t like it); Jewellery Mole (the Nifflers really loved this one, wonder why?) which was the yummiest home baked chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven smell, absolutely delicious, no wonder the Nifflers wanted to have it all to themselves. Finally we have the Magical Zoologist, which has a more natural smell, and of course it has bergamot which automatically makes it a winner in my books, so loving it too.

And of course there was the shiny enamel pin, which is a luggage case with the words “Just a Smidge” and the bookmark with a quote and on the back of it the Quest/Challenge unlocked and the ingredients/scents of the candles in detail.

I love this crate even if it doesn’t have books and usually burn the candles on the days I work from home (I am on my last one from the previous crate), and it makes the time working just that little bit more special and nicer. They’re not over pungent in scent but also they aren’t too discreet, you can smell them, and it is nice.

Highly recommend it 🙂

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