Book Tag – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

Since I have been a bit tired to conjure a full review (and you got a really long one on Friday) I stole this lovely tag from Asha! This is super cute (Nifflers everywhere!)


Newt – If you had a fictional job, what would it be? And why?

I would love to be a dragonrider (a Queen if possible) or to be a Master Harper from the Pern universe. I wouldn’t mind being a healer in Damar either. [First job is from Anne McCaffrey’s books, second one from Robin McKinley’s].

Nifflers love beautiful shiny things. What book did you buy because it’d a beautiful cover?

Can’t remember. I know I was tempted by The Surface Breaks, because that was a gorgeous one, but I am not that much of a “cover buy” kind of person. Covers do “attract” me to the books, but it can have a gorgeous stunning cover and I won’t buy it just because of it. Not enough bookshelf space for that *cries*

Credence – Name a favourite character who is a tortured soul.

Chiyo/Sayuri from Memoirs of a Geisha has so much hardship in her life, but she’s such a strong person. <- stealing this one from Asha because she’s one of my favourite “tortured souls”, and that reads wrong somehow…

Bowtruckles are one of Newt’s smallest creatures. What is the smallest book on your TBR list?

An introduction to Archery that my boyfriend lent me.

Graves – Name a character who turned out not to be who they seemed.

Tricky one… I think the Butterfly in “White Rabbit, Red Wolf” definitely was a big surprise and not what I thought (and even after talking to the author, I have so many unaswered questions, someone please read this book, I need to talk about it!)

Erumpents are one of Newt’s largest creatures. What’s the largest book on your TBR?

Well, we have both of Laini Taylor’s newest series (Strange the Dreamer, and Muse of Nightmares), Nevernight by Jay Kristoff, City of Brass… they are huge books and the reason they haven’t been read is basically they’re not portable. Publishers, what happened with the delightful portable indie paperback, the size every paperback used to be about 10-20 years ago?! I need those back.

Queenie – Which fictional character would you like to get inside the mind of?

Aidan. From the Illuminae series. Or Ferrius’ from the Spellslinger series.

Demiguise can see the future, unless someone does the unexpected. What book did you enjoy that was unexpected? Or, name a book that turned out different to what was expected.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone – no spoilers, but at one point the story takes a vastly different turn, and it’s amazing! <- Also stealing Asha’s answer because I loved that twist, and because my mind went stupidly blank and could only remember one I hated which I didn’t want to write down here…

Jacob – what piece of food that you’ve read about would you like to try in real life?

Most of them? Like, do you follow FictionFood on instagram? She reads books then tries to make food inspired by them or mentioned in them and it sounds delicious. I want it all!

Obscurials are feared in the wizarding world. What is the scariest book you’ve read?

I don’t really read any horror, but a book that really impacted and I enjoyed but made me feel “scared” was “It ends with you” (And I totally recommend it!)

Tina – Name a character who grows on you, or who you feel redeems themselves.

Recently Phil from The Light Between Worlds.

Swooping Evil – Which book would you like to reread for the first time if you could?

Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s magic from the first line. <- same, though I also would reread the whole Redwall series, Dragonriders series, Damar duology and anything by Madeleine L’Engle. Maybe After the Fire, because I loved that book.

Grindelwald – Name a character you grew to hate.

The only ones I can think of, I do not want to mention because I didn’t even bother to review the book here. I hated Ella Black, and actually didn’t finish the book, it left me with such a bad flavour (but not as bad as the un-named one)

No Maj – Name a contemporary book that you think everybody should read.

Easy! I don’t read a lot of contemporary but I actually have to books to recommend. First Emergency Contact, because it somehow touched all the feelings and was just beautiful. The second one is Lovely, Dark and Deep because it touches on photosensitivity and there aren’t really many books with MC that have this and I have it so it is a good rep one.

Consider yourself tagged if you want to do this one!

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