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Dragon Post Review


Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett

A fiery story about friendship and asking for help from award-winning author-illustrator Emma Yarlett.

One day Alex finds a dragon living under his stairs. He isn’t sure what to do – but luckily he knows just who to ask for help. Open the envelopes and read the hilarious letters Alex receives from the fire brigade, the butcher and more as he tries to take care of his new friend. Who would have thought having a dragon for a pet would be so tricky? A joyful, touching and vibrantly-illustrated interactive book.

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I can’t remember how I stumbled unto this cute book (probably suggested by Amazon or Wordery due to all the dragon books I buy plus some of the MG and younger reads I get too. I do not have children, those book have all been for me) but I am glad I did.

Alex finds a dragon in his house (who doesn’t want to find a dragon in their house, right?) and he starts asking for advice, first to the fire department. What do you do to avoid the dragon burning the house down? And there comes the reply (which is in a cute envelope, and you take it out, open like a real letter) suggesting something to fix it. Then he wonders what to give his dragon to eat, and there also comes a reply.

And so it goes, until we end up with a postcard.

I loved the interactive part of this book. It was fun to “open” the letters, and to read the replies. And some of them are double sided, so that’s a lot of effort. The story is cute and made me smile. And the artwork was colourful, encouraging and just right for the story.

Moon recommends

Read this super cute interactive book about a boy and a dragon! I also recommend Franklin’s Flying Bookshop, and The Boy Who Grew Dragons as fun reads about dragons for children (and for those of us who have a child’s heart too).


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