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November YumeTwins Unboxing


YumeTwins still seems not that well known here in the book blogosphere but I find it a nice cuteness dose. The theme for November was about Transforming things, so they tried to include items that stuck to the theme.

  • A super ultra cute dog dressed up as a duck plushie. There were other choices, but come on, isn’t this one adorable? Definitely has “puppy” eyes, and you can take the “duck” hoodie off and see the dog ears.
  • A set of notes to change and transform someone’s day, which I thought was a cute idea even if the notes are tiny and not sticky (but mine has four different cute animals and it was lovely)
  • This was supposed to be a sparkly change when you rub pencilcase but somehow mine is just a cute pencilcase, but it is quite sturdy.
  • A bonus good luck charm/bag
  • Note spins (or note holding clothespins), they’re super cute and could totally see them going alongside some bunting and hanging pictures or something with them.
  • A charcoal duster sheep. It can be used to dust and to take smells away, very handy indeed!
  • Last but not least eh super cute “Sailor Moon” glasses/screen cleaner. I am loving it so much that I kinda don’t want to use it, but at the same time, I have glasses and this is extremely handy.
  • All in all it was a cute fun box that made me smile, so points for that.

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