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Gothic Ghostbusters LitJoy Crate


Sadly I missed the delivery day of my Litjoy so it had to wait a few days to be picked up, but it is an interesting box. Included were:

  • My Plain Jane, exclusive edition. This is the second Exclusively printed LitJoy edition book they have done and I love it, the extra page and illustration make it a bit nicer plus it is signed (no bookplate). My only wish (mostly because wishes) is that it had sprayed edges too but it is not a complaint.
  • A library Card pouch which is tres tres cool. And somehow in the picture it looks much more like an old yellowed library card than a pouch.
  • Theme card/booklet.
  • The Last Magicians temporary tattoo
  • MMoaning Myrtle notebook 9with a quote that made me laugh!)
  • Ink and Wonder wooden bookmark (I love their designs, I always feel they are too pretty to use, one day I will use them!)
  • A tea towel, winner! I love tea towels in book boxes and this one definitely fits well into my collection (I just wish it was a bigger bit of art rather than just that bit but nevermind).
  • A gorgeous feather pen. Mine decided to spill all the ink into the bag and miraculously not actually get the feather which is a stunning shade.
  • And of course the new trading cards which were much better than I thought they would be and I love them, gorgeous!

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