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NPC Crate Unboxing

Quest acomplished!


If you’re a fan of candles and also D&D (or just an utter nerd) then this is the box for you!

This is their very first Crate, by Nerd Poured Candles (and GeekyClean). The concept is a “quest” (I love the D&D vibe so much! *fangirls*) per box, which includes 3 hand poured candles, a pin and something extra (if I remember correctly).

The logo is delightful, and the candles smelled delicious.

If you can’t make out what the pin says, it is “Ask me what I’m Reading”.

And the bookmark is in itself the “spoiler” card, on one side a quote, on the other the contents and introduction to the crate.

Next one is Ghibli themed so I obviously had to have it (I just wish there was a subscription option, it’s not like I don’t want it every time).


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