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Medieval Mayhem Fanmail Unboxing

The theme was exciting for me, and then they announced it’d include an ARC of Tess of the Road which I was looking forward to reading, so definite yes from me.

Just in case you didn’t know, they aren’t a “book box” but rather they do fandom goodies, which may coincide with bookish fandoms.


So here’s the contents of the box:

  • An ARC of Tess of the Road. Dragons, dragons, dragons, what else can I say?
  • Nailed It! nail decals with chainmail, they are quite cool looking (or should I say medieval looking?)
  • The Medieval Mayhem leaflet with suggestions of shows to watch and things to do.
  • My box was SO magical and full of mayhem, that the necklace/charm that was supposed to come with it disappeared (see the black empty jewelry box). No worries, they are lovely and will send the missing item.
  • A Merlin pouch. I love Merlin and by doing my unboxing on Instagram discovered that a couple of my friends also do.
  • And a heavy comb for Game of Thrones (no risk of breaking I think).

All in all a nice lovely box which made me quite happy.

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