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Eat, Drink & Be Merry Fanmail Unboxing

I love food, I have been craving teacakes for the whole previous week due to a book I read (review will come, promise). So food in fiction definitely has an effect on me, what about you guys?


The fanmail box was full of nice things and I was very pleased with it. Let’s go around clockwise starting on the theme card:

  • Eat, Drink and Be Merry theme card, it includes shows and activities to see/do/eat.
  • Fandom Foods book, which has a series of possible foods to cook, from a couple of food nerds which I absolutely love and want to cook from.
  • A sampler Menu from The Book of Dust, it is all fancy fancy.
  • Mushu engraved chopsticks, they are metallic and beautiful and the cute engraving is at the top of the chopsticks and they came in a handy sleeve to hold them. Probably my favourite item in the box because I really find Mushu fun.
  • Three Broomsticks lunch bag(box?), it is insulated which is awesome because it is and I am happy for this since I only have a japanese lunch “bag” and now I have this one too!
  • Pop’s pot holders, made me very happy because we needed some new ones and it was just awesome!

All in all I was very happy with the box and definitely recommend it if you like fandom things that are thought well.




Subscription Boxes

Medieval Mayhem Fanmail Unboxing

The theme was exciting for me, and then they announced it’d include an ARC of Tess of the Road which I was looking forward to reading, so definite yes from me.

Just in case you didn’t know, they aren’t a “book box” but rather they do fandom goodies, which may coincide with bookish fandoms.


So here’s the contents of the box:

  • An ARC of Tess of the Road. Dragons, dragons, dragons, what else can I say?
  • Nailed It! nail decals with chainmail, they are quite cool looking (or should I say medieval looking?)
  • The Medieval Mayhem leaflet with suggestions of shows to watch and things to do.
  • My box was SO magical and full of mayhem, that the necklace/charm that was supposed to come with it disappeared (see the black empty jewelry box). No worries, they are lovely and will send the missing item.
  • A Merlin pouch. I love Merlin and by doing my unboxing on Instagram discovered that a couple of my friends also do.
  • And a heavy comb for Game of Thrones (no risk of breaking I think).

All in all a nice lovely box which made me quite happy.

Subscription Boxes

Witch, Please! Fanmail Box

First let me tell you that I had been eyeing Fanmail for a while but managed to miss all the awesome book editions that they made. And choosing this one was a spur of the moment decision (as I am not that into Halloween so it could’ve gone wrong). However it left me with my mouth wide open, I kept pulling things out of the box and it was awesome.


Let’s go back to the usual and go clockwise starting from the Witch Please card:

  • Witch Please! card, it includes the items, and recommendations about the theme and what to do and see and watch.
  • Pancake Madness (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) apron.
  • Jiji (Kiki’s Delivery Service) keychain, it is the most adorable thing ever.
  • Print
  • An extra “treat” and no tricks, which was a Marvel pin.
  • “Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve” T-shirt.
  • Broomstick pen (this made me laugh and is now sitting on my HP cauldron mug)
  • Two promotional bookmarks.
  • Two mini comics.