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The Witch’s Kiss Review

This lovely book is one that Maja raves about and I was curious about. And then Leafer Box sent it as part of the December box, and seriously, it was just like a sign to read it.


The Witch’s Kiss by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr

Sixteeen-year-old Meredith is fed-up with her feuding family and feeling invisible at school – not to mention the witch magic that shoots out of her fingernails when she’s stressed. Then sweet, sensitive Jack comes into her life and she falls for him hard. The only problem is that he is periodically possessed by a destructive centuries-old curse. Meredith has lost her heart, but will she also lose her life? Or in true fairytale tradition, can true love’s kiss save the day?

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What I knew about this book was that it was a gender bent retelling of Sleeping Beauty. However as much as it has element sof it, is it more than just a retelling and feels more like “inspired” by rather than an actual retelling (this is not a bad thing at all).

One thing I liked is that what Merry is doing regarding Jack affects her regular non magical life. This was a fresh change to read since most of the time it appears that magical adventures have no effect whatsoever on real life for the character and thankfully that was not the case here.

Now I am left wondering what happened to Jack, and how Merry copes afterwards.

Moon recommends

Retellings for the win, and this book, and anything by Robin McKinley. And I am so going to go read the next one but also I have to wait for the last one to come out and oh dear, do I wait for it to come out and binge read or do I try to space it out… Decisions, decisions…


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