Moon Writes: astronomy under our nails

black hole that makes me miss you
then it bursts into a supernova,
deception and frustration,
seeking to move on to outer space

star dust of memories left behind
randomly fall on my eyelashes,
that’s why you see me cry,
just a speck on my eye,

nothing more, nothing less,
i don’t miss you,
i don’t need you any more,
don’t you see?

galaxies swirl around my head,
opportunities galore
and i don’t know what to say
how can i choose the way?

inside this combustible heart,
each beat births a star,
wondering if your comet behaviour
will finally make you collide with me

which of us is the moon?
you orbit around me,
as soon as you go too far
gravity pulls you back

but your erratic ways
are making turmoil with my tide
waves of emotion that
create storms deep inside

in this (not so) empty space,
two planets attracted to each other,
can’t resist the pull,
but we still try to fight

darling, moon, star,
comet, planet, sun,
surrender to
the laws of life,

crash against my atmosphere,
feel the burn in your skin
we’re turning into a
universe made up of you and i.

Today I am doing something different (it’s Valentine’s let’s be a little romantic, right?). Since I left Deviantart (see tomorrow’s post), I have a set of poems I had there that I still love and want to share so they will be popping randomly on here.

This is my favourite one that I wrote and it has a lot fo romance and a few interpretations for it.

Fill this sky with stars...