Moon Writes: drowning in you

Dip my toes into this current,
the one that flows from you,
whispering sweet nothings
and promising to never budge.

You insist it’s a big forever
in an ocean full of lies,
but now i know better
and i won’t consider you my lifesaver.

Treacherous waters up to my waist,
they reach and try to convince me
that i want to go for a swim
and join in this little whim.

How did i let them rise so quick?
why did you let your dam run free?
couldn’t you’ve waited until
i had my footing and was ready?

But you had to run and rush
let the waves of your feelings crash
against my lips and skin
trying to find your way in.

I’m drowning,
drowning in you.

Try to rise to the surface,
take a deep breath,
just to feel like myself again,
to remember i wasn’t ready for this.

Why, oh, why
couldn’t you wait,
and avoid this tragedy,
the death of us in your sea?

Shall i release the storm,
or still try to rise above?
i wonder if there’s a happy ending
to this catastrophe.

Will i be able to be me,
if i try to surf through it all
and learn to ride a hurricane,
navigating back to safety.

Washed ashore in the aftermath,
can’t help but wonder
if this was never meant to be,
for i was drowning in your sea.

A poem I wrote about someone who isn’t in my life anymore because I was definitely drowning in who they were and losing myself. But some parts of this poem feel a little too on point to life right now. Funny how words can mean many things…

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