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Villains And Vengeance Unboxing The Bookie Box

I got this box purely because of the book. It was easy to guess it and only ShelfLove Crate was doing it too. I was tempted by The Bookie Box when I did the massive post about book boxes so I decided to give it a go, and here it is.


Going clockwise, starting from the box (most items are made by The Bookie Box unless otherwise stated):

  • Amaranth candle, it is pomegranate and white tea and it is glorious!
  • Villans and Vengeance Chipotle Pretzels which meant that the unboxing picture had to be taken then and there so I could munch on them (come on, it has chipotle and it’s pretzels and snacky snacks).
  • “Fine, make me your villain” bookmark.
  • Poor unfortunate Souls coaster, and I actually sung in my head when I saw it, it is really cool.
  • Soap
  • Underneath is a Green Lantern pillow case which is the only item I am not keeping because I don’t really have lots of cushions and the ones we have match the sofa and that’s how it is.
  • Renegades by Marissa Meyer. It is a monster of a book (very very big).
  • Next theme card and this month’s theme card.

Out of all the international parcels I had for November, this one was the fastest to arrive which was an interesting surprise. However it is also one that has customs, so that’s a bit of a shame. I won’t subscribe to it, but if the theme catches my eye I will probably get that particular box.


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