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Ladies That Slay FairyLoot

This box has proven to be a difficult one. For starters, Hermes tried to deliver to a business/commercial address during the weekend (no other delivery company attempts to deliver there because they all know no one will be there to receive parcels). And then, they had Illumicrate for me too. Somehow Illumicrate made it but Fairyloot didn’t (they lost an Illumicrate box before, same address, same issue).

Thankfully, the lovely Kate from customer support was a wonder and kept me well informed about what was being done (Hermes were very very unhelpful both to her and to me, trying to ping pong us forgetting we do communicate). So two weeks and a bit later I have received my November FairyLoot.


It was a box packed full, so let’s start from the theme card (top right) and go clockwise:

  • Theme card, Ladies that Slay.
  • Blue’s Brew by Bookish Teas. I love her teas so no surprises here when I say I love this.
  • Theme bookmark
  • This Mortal Coil promotional pin (I love it too)
  • The Last Namsara postcard, which is slightly bent but nevermind.
  • Fight Darkness Sticker by Reverie & Ink.
  • Hermione candle by Flick The Wick.
  • Fire is Catching patch by Literary Emporium (it looks real cool, even if I have nothing to use patches on).
  • Slay Book Sleeve by Aunjuli Art, I have to say I have been spoiled in my choice of book sleeves so this one wasn’t my favourite, but it is a nice one.
  • The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli (they had run out of signed bookplates, but thankfully, I had the signed bookplate that came in LitJoy Crate, since my other copy of The Last Namsara was signed and dedicated by Kristen).
  • And finally, the extra ARC, Furyborn, which sounds intriguing!

As a bonus, have a comparison picture of FairyLoot’s edition vs normal edition (FairyLoot on the left, normal on the right). Size is different and one is silver and the other gold.


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