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November’s LitJoy Crate Unboxing

Second LitJoy crate I have received, and I found it interesting (despite the postage delays which wasn’t their fault at all, all my international boxes have been utterly delayed).


Let’s unbox in clockwise fashion starting on the book:

  • Otherworld by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller (I had preordered this one but the guess for the box wasn’t Otherworld, so I didn’t expect it, anyway it just meant someone gets a free book).
  • A Ready Player One Quote tumbler by Evie Seo. I like that it is blue and I did loose the straw when I unboxed it and as I was clearing up it appeared but sadly it is missing from this picture (the straw, not the tumbler).
  • Otherworld promotional postcards.
  • Underneath is another Evie Seo design, but this time a pillow/cushion case with a Harry Potter quote.
  • Theme card, which inside explains why they chose each item and what each item is.
  • Otherworld sunglasses (I think these where promotional items).
  • Feyre Art Print by Jo Painter.
  • Otherworld luggage tag which is probably my favourite item which is kinda silly but there’s something neat about it.
  • Ink and Wonder bookmark, which is lovely as per usual with her bookmarks.
  • Quote print from publishers.
  • Yoda and Luke magnets (Lego version).

I didn’t really know what to expect with this box but once again I was pleasantly surprised with the contents. I have one more to go before my three month trial runs out and I am wondering how that will go.

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