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Lost and Found Fox & Wit box

I really wanted the book in this box, so it was a great excuse to give it a try. It comes from the US, so I got hit by customs. The actual tax wasn’t bad but the fee was many times the actual tax, so not pleased (but it is not their fault). So starting from the bottom left theme card and going clockwise:

  • Theme card. This shows you the theme for the next month and MOST of the card actually talks about the next month. There’s a TINY part of it that actually says what the items are (and mine only said 2 out of them all). Fox & Wit insisted this was how they do it, but it is extremely confusing and panic inducing, and I have no clue about the mug, or much about the book or anything. This part I rate badly. I have tried over 30 different book boxes, none do this weird thing.
  • One of the things I did like is you can choose certain items to be “personalised” or at least, specific, for example, my zodiac is Cancer so I got a Cancer necklace instead of just random which I think is brilliant! Kudos on that part.
  • A pin, which I love the idea of, the execution is not too good (I’ve made pins, I made this mistake too, I get it) because the text is too small and not enough spacing to show well. Easy fix but sadly quality control didn’t fix it first.
  • The actual book, awesome, comes with a bookplate and author letter. Really pleased, and it came wrapped individually and all good.
  • A mug for “Air France” with constellations. Theme card said NOTHING about it, so no clue about fandom, or why or anything. It’s cool but I am just left with a lot of questions.
  • A set of bookmarks, one per Zodiac sign.For some random reason the Cancer one fell out as I was leafing through it, so it feels like fate. They’re cute.

All in all, I see potential in the box and good things, but that theme card really needs some hard work on how it is presented and delivered. And definitely need more data if tyou’re making the effort already to include one. Customs is another sad part, but that’s not fully their fault. All in all, good if you’re in the US and don’t mind confusion and not knowing what half of the stuff you’ve got is. I may still get some if the book is one I don’t have and no one else is doing and I have extra money but otherwise not for me.

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