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The Final Frontier Illumicrate Unboxing

I am glad I chose a six month subscription when Illumicrate moved into monthly boxes. Because it meant easily being able to get this box. Yes, it had Aurora Rising in it and it is pink! But let’s go around and see every nice thing in it. Starting from the book and going clockwise:

  • A hot pink Aurora Rising with sprayed edges also in hot pink. I thought purple was awesome, but hot pink is also awesome!
  • An engineering dreamy pillowcase (this is how you do awesome pillow cases) with Kaddy and Ezra on one side and AIDAN quotes on the other.
  • A sampler of Emily Eternal peeks from the right corner (I really wanted to showcase that pillowcase, so much case here!).
  • Another sneaky sampler, but this time for The Furies. This sampler has been in almost every single box I’ve had recently, did they not sell enough copies or what? Instead of selling the book to me it’s making me not want to read it.
  • Howler luggage tag. Snazzy, relatively discreet but unique and matches my suitcase.
  • Illumicrate items booklet.
  • Space sticky notes. They have a moon for this Moon so I am in love. (All the gorgeous Moon themed stuff and I will love your book box)
  • Squad 312 (characters from Aurora Rising) glasses pouch. I’ve never used one of those despite wearing glasses most of my life. Probably won’t keep but it is nice (it’s due to not using it, not to not liking it).
  • The collectible magnet coin thing. I am still not sold on them and find them a waste of “space” (but they are small so whatever)
  • And a Lunar Chronicles cooler bag. I like cooler bags but this one doesn’t have a self closing system. I gave it away to a friend that loves them so that made her happy (I do use cooler bags).

All in all, a box that made me quite happy with only a couple of items I won’t keep (and that collectible but it seems I am just not into this thing and I am not seeing any reason that will make me like it) and I am still happy with the exclusive edition and that pillowcase.

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