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The Dark Side Owlcrate Unboxing

I am warming up to Owlcrate boxes. The theme for this one was The Dark Side, and I am very very glad they didn’t include anything Star Wars in it, but instead the whole box felt dark and murdery but also gorgeous. Let’s check the contents, starting from the bottom right and going clockwise:

  • Wicked Saints with an exclusive cover colour which makes it look even darker than the original one (I really like both)
  • An exclusive fabric book map for Wicked Saints, it is like a silk handkerchief and I like that. May use it as a fun handkerchief or headscarf or something.
  • Vicious isnpired phone holder (like a pop socket) which I enjoy a lot. Again, I am a bit confused on how many phones book boxes think we have, but I guess at least one fo the thingies they send will be to my liking (this one it).
  • Pin banner, neither here nor there for me but it has more effort than a similar attempt by another box, so yeah, happier about it.
  • And on top of it, the collectible pin of the month, inspired by a necklace worn in the book .
  • Theme card (there was also a themed zine but I don’t keep those).
  • A shorthand notebook (the style that it has the spiral on top rather than on the side) with a quote from one of Sarah J. Maas’ book which isn’t the same star one as always and it doesn’t bother me so much. The notebook is gorgoeus with hard cover and back so useful.
  • Finale sampler. Not bothered but samplers are usually bonus that I pass on.
  • Six of Crows socks, I love socks and this are red! I don’t have many red socks (yeah not crazy about Six of Crows, but I like socks)
  • A Grisha scarf underneath it all. This is my favourite item. It is a lighter scarf than what bookboxes usually include and it has a gorgeous tone of purple that almost seems like a gradient. The design is Grisha but even if I am not in the fandom it is just “specific and generic” enough I can wear it and get lots of compliments. Because it is lighter, it has made it through the “it is getting warmer” part of the year and I am still wearing a scarf (this one).

All in all a nice box, with a lot of things I liked and few I didn’t (which is always a bonus for me). I am still keeping this one as on and off but for now it is ore on than off. Keep it up Owlcrate people!

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