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Born Rebel Litjoy Unboxing

This is going to be my second to last Litjoy. I am trying to keep costs down and it is hard to choose which boxes to keep. Since I’ve been skipping the last few months of Litjoy, I decided it was a good idea to not renew. And this box confirmed it, as I am just not excited about it.

Contents of the box from top left (book) and going clockwise:

  • The Tiger at Midnight. I knew this was the book and want to read it.
  • A book sleeve with a Throne of Glass quote. I am terribly bored of SJM quotes however I like the sleeve because it feels perfect for a tablet.
  • A set of Snake Handle Makeup brushes, makes me think of Slytherin. I don’t really do makeup and alreayd have a set of brushes so this is a cool item that sadly I have no use for.
  • A collectible bracelet Percy Jackson themed. It’s neat, they have sent bracelets of this type before. I like them, do not wear them at all.
  • Aladdin magnetic bookmarks. Super cute, but my issue with magnetic bookmarks is that they break quickly.
  • A fearless rune sticker, assuming it is from Shadowhunters (yes the leaflet says so). It’s kinda meh because it is just a rune sticker, doesn’t mean much to me and it is huge so hard to mix with other laptop stickers. Space is a prime thing.
  • The theem card, I do love the artwork for it.
  • The collectible cards, Infernal Devices trio.

As you can see it wasn’t a bad box, but it just wasn’t for me. The only things I am keeping is the book and the sleeve. Which isn’t worth the price of it for me (considering it costs the shipping to UK). And they’re moving furhter away from themed fully on the book, which is the main reason I loved this. It used to be very thoughtfully curated to match the book but this feels more like a hey thrwo nice stuff in.

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