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Bold & Brave Book Box Club Unboxing

The theme for this box sounded great and I was looking forward to it, but you all should know by now I have a soft spot for Book Box Club because they have the Clubhouse meeting with the authors and they were the very first ones to do something that connected author and readers.

The whole box seems very in tune with the theme, but let’s go round, starting from the theme card on the top right:

  • Theme card, very much in tune with the rest of the box and setting the theme.
  • A sampler of The Furies. I’ve heard interesting things for it.
  • Another sampler, for The Girl Who Came Out of the Woods.
  • A Mother of Dragons metal bookmark (the picture doesn’t do it justice)
  • A chocolate lip balm (it smells like I should eat it instead of just apply it to my lips).
  • Underneath we have a tote bag with a Mulan in it (I like the art a lot and that the tote bag is a blue).
  • If you have bought more than 20 boxes, you get this snazzy pin designed by yours truly (aka me)
  • A listpad to be more like Hermione. I love that it isn’t stuck with being a specific year or week, but more of a fill as and when you feel like it.
  • The Clubhouse invite.
  • A promo bookmark.
  • The Hand, the Eye and the Heart. This book has caused some conversations on Twitter, but I am interested in reading it.
  • A gorgeous marble watercolour biscuit that is gluten free. It didn’t last long after the picture.

The box was very on topic which I loved, and the items are gorgeous so I was happy with it.

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