Moon Draws: Book Box Club Pin

The pin for buying more than 20 boxes from Book Box Club

I haven’t done a lot of commissions or design work recently (my full time job has kept me very busy, but I cannot complain, I enjoy it a lot). But when the girls contacted me about designing a pin for them, I said yes (I didn’t know what they wanted or anything except a pin, but I said yes).

This isn’t my first work for Book Box Club. I have desgined items for the before. But this is my first enamel pin design and it was very interesting to work on it.

First design

I went overboard with my design. Of course. My take was, to celebrate Book Box Club and the fact you’ve been supporting them, I might as well do a “fun” take on some of the books we have had from them. Can you name them all?

My over the board pin had to be simplified, so I took the fun writings away. (It was then modified a bit more to fit the final one).

Then there was the backing card. I have a Book Box Club shelf on one of my bookcases, so I went with that because I wanted to make a backing card that was complimentary to the pin.

Of course some changes had to be made, as the “texture” was getting lost and it was too dark, but once again, can you name all the books in it?

Fill this sky with stars...