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Gods & Monsters Illumicrate Unboxing


This has been one of the hardest unboxing pictures I have ever taken. One handed while trying to hold the umbrella upright so you could see how gorgeous it is and trying to not kill my phone or myself. But it was worth it.

Now let’s check what else we had in the box (the umbrella is the most obvious thing here), starting from the left side and going clockwise:

  • Strange the Dreamer Umbrella, what are the odds that two book boxes would send a gorgeous umbrella in the same month? Can’t complain as living in the UK means I have an umbrella everywhere so now I can swap boring black cheap umbrellas with the gorgeous bookish ones.
  • The Orphanage of Gods, this is one book that wasn’t in my radar at all, but it looks very interesting and I am intrigued.
  • A character bookmark set from A Daughter of Smoke and Bone. (This almost seems like a Laini Taylor fanbox, not complaining though). I like the bookmarks but I am not crazy about them and they’re one of the items I am not keeping.
  • A sampler of The Binding.
  • Girls of Paper and Fire chopsticks in a little case. The chopsticks are kinda just plasticky, which is sad given that the box is gorgeous. My boyfrined was all excited since I have a pair of fancy metal ones engraved with Mushu. He was planning on stealing this pair but he felt they weren’t as cool as mine.
  • Cassandra Clare sampler. Not interested at all, not a fan.
  • Keep Me pencil case (or at least I thinkof it as a tin pencil case). I like the design and it is a nifty little thing that will end up full fo drawing/art supplies.
  • Beautiful Thing pouch. It is a gorgeous pouch but the size just isn’t right for me so another one that won’t stay around.
  • Nectar of the Gos lip scrub. I will admit I have never used a lip scrub. If I put “yummy” stuff on my lips, I end up chewing them, so I avoid anything that will leave a texture or the feeling of one. Sad because this smells SO good.
  • A metallic notebook. Aboslutely love the design!

It was a fun box, with some items I don’t love, and it feels a little underwhelming for the usual Illumicrate signature. I decided to subscribe to them for the “monthly” box and I am hoping it keeps the high quality. One thing I like is that it doesn’t feel cheap even though there’s an umbrella in it.

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