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Moon Review


Moon by Britta Teekentrup

Over deserts and forests, Arctic tundra and tropical beaches, the moon shines down on creatures around the world. Children will love discovering how it changes from day to day as the lunar cycle is shown through clever peek-through holes, each revealing the moon in a different size and shape.

It’s the perfect light nonfiction book for young stargazers–and an ideal bedtime book, ending with a giant moon hovering over a sleepy town hunkered down for bed.

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This book had been in my radar for various reasons. Foxes on the cover and well, the title was already calling my name (look at that, I can make puns!). And I found it to be a great “bedtime” book.

For starters it has cutout phases of the moon throughout it, which I used to love as a child and still do (and they work really nicely, I was like “oh look, it keeps adding effect”). But it also has not a lot of lines to read out loud. Plus it talks about nightime and bedtime around the world, which is great for encouraging any kiddo to go sleep.

And of course, it is full of animals and nature through the pages getting ready for nightitme. The colour palette could’ve been a little more vibrant but it does work well for the purpose of “sleepy” time encouragement, so it isn’t a complaint but more of an “I just wish it was more vibrant because it is so gorgeous”.

As a proper adult, I of course, thoroughly enjoyed poking at the moon peek-through holes, and following the shape of the moon as the pages go past, plus trying to see every little detail of each page and the animals/climate/place in it.

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  1. I am totally looking forward to more of her books I loved this one so much!

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