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Pirate Thief Litjoy Unboxing


This was an easy “yes” from me for the theme, pirates, arggg matey! *insert parrot and eye patch* So let’s dive into the contents and see it all. Starting from the top right, with the theme card hidden underneath book and coasters:

  • I’ve just said theme card and it’s more of a theme booklet, but it is stunning.
  • Pirate coasters, they are four different fandom pirates with quotes from each. They’re cool and my boyfriend doesn’t find them too feminine, so that’s a bonus.
  • Pirate bracelet. I like it but it isn’t exactly my cup of tea (I am not the most crazy about jewelry, despite loving my piercings, I don’t really buy it and don’t wear much except crazy earrings, that we never get, there… a good idea, send us really crazy earrings)
  • A cool Kraken pirate flag about to sink a ship. A friend asked dibs on it, and even though I am not into flag/penchants kind of stuff, I adore the design of the artwork. It is stunning. Give me a blanket or tea towel with it please!
  • A hunky man print that is meant to match the book but I haven’t read it yet so no idea. It also has the author letter on the back.
  • The usual litjoy trading cards.
  • You can’t see it very well because it is a transparent thing, but there’s a shotglass that says yo ho, yo ho the reader’s life for me. It made me laugh!
  • The main book which I had considered preordering but then decided to wait and see, and here it is. It sounds intriguing and I do love the cover.
  • A fortune teller, it came flat and with instructions on how to make it to promote a new book.
  • A second book, Brightly Burning! Funnily enough a friend had recommended it and we talked a bit about it before I received the box, so this was a good coincidence.

All in all it was a fun box, and I can’t complain much about it. I have skipped the February one because I know which book it and I already have a copy on the way plus the theme isn’t driving me crazy but will be back unboxing Litjoy in March 🙂

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