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Storytellers Book Box Club Unboxing


The theme for this box was a great start of the year. Storytellers try to tell themselves that they’ll finally write that story this year, or something along those lines (some do write, other procrastinate). And as such it is a great thing to do for the first box of the year. But let’s see what was inside, starting on the top left, with the book:

  • Monsters by Sharon Dogar. I am a bit undecided about this book. Mostly because I am not sure about books involving the “authors” and their lives fictionalised, but it looks also intriguing and I do love the cover design. So we shall see how it happens…
  • Storytelling magnet words. This is such a cool idea because I remember always wanting some of these and then I finally had some and was overwhelmed with how to use them (this set isn’t my first). One of the things that I liked is that the words are in different colours so that helps “see” them amongst the others.
  • A small notebook for all those ideas that may escape if you don’t write them down (maybe like birds). Can’t say no to this lovely notebook and cool design.
  • A very thick pouch (the insides were very thick and padded which surprised, I am used to having flimsy pouches in boxes and always lov eth slightly more sturdy ones).
  • A postcard illustration of the story.
  • A set of postcards about writing. I wasn’t crazy about them because I don’t send that many postcards (even if I do send a lot of books to people). Maybe I need a snail mail friend…
  • A sampler of Outside, which I love the cover and shall review soonish, I promise πŸ™‚
  • The theme card which I kidna hid because I was rushign this picture, gotta make the most out of the little daylight we get.

It wasn’t a wow blow me away box, but it definitely was up to theme and I like that, and it had the original word magnet idea which was nice to see.

3 thoughts on “Storytellers Book Box Club Unboxing”

  1. I love this! That notebook is a Jane Eyre quote, which is my favourite classic. The postcards are cool, I have bought some lovely literary ones in the past for someone else but I want to buy them for myself to put in a frame, rather than buying a small print. Or you could buy a shadow box or put them on a cork board. I haven’t heard of this before. I’d love to buy one but you can’t get a one off box and I’ve already subscribed to a Ninja Book Box. Can’t afford them all which is sad πŸ™‚

    1. They are really cute postcards, just that I get a lot of them so it’s not that useful for me πŸ˜›

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