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The Clockwork Dragon Review


The Clockwork Dragon by Jonathan Emmett

The Kingdom of Rodney is being terrorised by Flamethrottle the dragon. Fortunately Max, a young toymaker, and Lizzie, an armourer, are more than a match for this man-eating monster and the two of them come up with a clever plan to drive it away.
llustrated by Elys Dolan, the creator of Weasels!

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Other than the fact the start of the book made me feel like I had lost a page somewhere (and I genuinely had to look back to the title page and then first page, then back again just to be sure), this is a very cute book. Max likes making mechanical toys which his boxx doesn’t like much, but Max is clever and he finds Lizzie the armourer to help with a crazy plan to defeat the dragon that is eating all the knights and hoarding tresure up the mountain.

The illustrations are really lovely, and just the fact that there’s two dragons in this book was awesome (all the dragons, right?!). The Clockwork dragon is so cool and I wish there was a real one (as in one made of clockwork and all that) that I could have.

I really liked the creativity in the story, and it was a feel good hero/heroine book. With dragons.

Moon recommends

This reminds me a little of The Princess and the Pony, which I reviewed a while back (a long time ago) in the style of knight/princess story with a twist.

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