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August Fairyloot Unboxing


This is sadly my last Fairyloot box for now, I have had to umm and err a lot about it, the contents just haven’t been wowing me and I try to only keep book boxes that give me joy when I open them. Anyway, starting from the book and going clockwise:

  • These Rebel Waves (loved the colour of the sprayed edges!)
  • Author letter and character art.
  • Sweet Pea magical scrub from Geeky Clean.
  • Banner flag, with a slight error in spelling but the phrase is good.
  • Tiny magnet.
  • Why is the Rum Always Gone water bottle (I liked this item and it made me smile).
  • Candle, this one had a too subtle scent it was really hard to actually get any scent from it which made a bit sad, I love candles).
  • Pirate Wax Seal, woot!!!! This was a great addition to the box and it made me smile to see it there.
  • Theme card and bookmark.

It wasn’t a bad box to end this with, and I hope that they can entince me with further themes.

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