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Accio! Holiday Box (Ravenclaw)

Accio! is a box based in the US. They sell Harry Potter Universe merchandise, usually from superior quality (I tried them out for 3 months when they first opened up for international subscriptions, and the only reason I stopped my subscription is that the customs were making it too expensive for me, otherwise I’d get it more often!).

Anyway, they made a special Holiday Box, and I had to get one (Ravenclaw).


As you can see it was packed full of stuff (and the cracker had also goodies inside, see picture below) and I am utterly in love with it. Contents are listed this time in the picture so I won’t list them again.


The cracker had the list of items inside, a paper crown, a mini lotion bar and a joke.

Of course, the ornament went directly to my tree, the mug has become one of my favourites (it is quite sturdy and big and it is so gorgeous!) and all in all it really is an amazing box and I was extremely pleased with the contents.

So if you are a HP fan, do please try them out, they are absolutely worth it.



2 thoughts on “Accio! Holiday Box (Ravenclaw)”

  1. Fanna says:

    I think I hadn’t heard of this subscription box all this time because of my international residence, but this one does sound promising. Especially for me as a huge HP fan <3 <3 That mug and the Deathly Hallows scarf are soooo good 😀

    1. It is one of my favourite subscription boxes, and every single one I have bought has been sutnning and I’ve used the items.It does imply shipping but their service is really good.

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