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Oh So Regal FairyLoot

After the fiasco with Hermes and their bad delivery I was a bit scared that my Fairyloot would not arrive before Christmas, however I can say that it did!


This was also an easy guess of the book for me, since I had already read it, but I had given my ARC copy away so it was nice to have a proper hardback version of it. Let’s start from the book and go clockwise:

  • Everless by Sara Holland. Just go read it, it is quite interesting and it left me with a book hangover. You can read my review here.
  • Prince Eric candle by A Court of Candles. It smells gorgeous and apparently there were 4 different smells to get.
  • Red Queen notebook by Stella’s Bookish Art, which matches the book of Everless which is pretty cool.
  • Theme card and theme bookmark.
  • Rosemarked sampler.
  • Keyring which I really liked and is now holding my keys, by Fiction Tea DEsigns.
  • William Shakespeare pouch by . Probably my least favourite item but it is still cool.
  • Promotional bookmark.
  • Simba Funko, there were supposed to be 6 different ones and all of the other options are princesses, so why do I get Simba? I did want one of the other princesses and would’ve preferred say Merida or Mulan over Simba as a choice. Oh well, can’t have it all.

Another nice wintery box to enjoy before Christmas (it arrived before, even if the post is after).

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