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Moon Reads: Ghost Talkers

Ghost Talkers by Mary Robinette Kowal

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Ok, I was instantly sold when I hear about this book. Ghosts, spirit mediums, secrets, intelligence and WWI? Yes please, right up my absolute street. And probably the only part I was crazy about was that the main character is an American heiress, but the story happens in London so it was a winner.

Ginger is a special Spiritualist force medium in the Spirit Corps, which is a fancy department made of women who basically have set up a process where if a soldier dies, they are to report to the mediums and provide details of their last moments or any intel they may remember that is useful. And I loved the concept of this, it was done so well and in a very interesting way and I don’t want to spoil it but just for the concept this book was worth reading.

But then we get intrigue when it appears that someone is out to get them and there is a traitor or spy and things may be getting out of hand. So Ginger decides to investigate and try for the sake of her fiance to put things right (also for herself too but you know).

I liked how it introduces some concepts on being a proper woman, about race, about privilege and intelligence and how things were a bit of backstabbing even without traitors but also that once you think there is a traitor things get a bit hairy. I also appreciated how being a medium tires the people out and they need a support team that aren’t all mediums so that they are grounded and can do things better, etc.

If you like historical fiction with a bit of a twist that goes into the paranormal, this is definitely one to read and add there because it was really good to read and I enjoyed it a lot.

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