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Moon Reads: Sheets

Sheets by Brenna Thummler

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I got a sampler on one of the free comic book day events, and made a mental note to buy it full at some point. That point was a lot later because I don’t have the sampler anymore. But I did buy the book, so it kinda worked to give me a sampler for it? (Honestly I wish there were more demo/sampler options for books and other items, but that’s a discussion for some other day and post).

Sheets is the story of a young girl, Marjorie, trying her best to keep her family, school and laundromat afloat after her mother’s death. And a ghost, Wendell, who isn’t fitting in the ghost world after dying.

Being outsiders and just not fitting right makes for two parallel stories that at some point join when our ghost accidentally ends up haunting the laundromat and causing a lot of issues for Marjorie who does her absolute best ot help.

Thankfully at the breaking point where things are all going wrong and there is no saving grace, Wendell pulls through and works some ghostly magic for Marjorie, changing her life in a great way, plus becoming good friends.

Reading through Sheets was emotional, bittersweet but it was also nice ot read a book about some realities some kids have when the main adult checks out and they have to take adult duties and make it look the adult is still functioning so they care for themselves and any siblings.

Sadly the artwork wasn’t really my style so I wasn’t as keen on ti and it was the story that won my over this time. Still I think this is the kind of book I’d have in a school or kids library available for those that feel like ghosts in their own home and environment.

Book Review

How To Make Friends With A Ghost Review


How To Make Friends With A Ghost by Rebecca Green

What do you do when you meet a ghost? One: Provide the ghost with some of its favorite snacks, like mud tarts and earwax truffles. Two: Tell your ghost bedtime stories (ghosts love to be read to). Three: Make sure no one mistakes your ghost for whipped cream or a marshmallow when you aren’t looking! If you follow these few simple steps and the rest of the essential tips in How to Make Friends with a Ghost, you’ll see how a ghost friend will lovingly grow up and grow old with you.

A whimsical story about ghost care, Rebecca Green’s debut picture book is a perfect combination of offbeat humor, quirky and sweet illustrations, and the timeless theme of friendship.

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Well, if Dickens can write A Christmas Carol full of ghosts, I can post a review of a book that tells you how to befriend one! (befriend a ghost, not a book, that is a matter for another post/day).

I stumbled into this book amongst my Amazon recommendations, because I read a lot of picture books, middle grade and YA. And apparently a lot about ghosts (?). And I am very glad I decided to buy it.

The illustrations are gorgeous (and Rebecca Green is both author and illustrator) and so dreamy but also have a slight vintage feel and reminded me of the drawings in old classics.

The book is less of a story and more a “how to guide”. Probably the best how to guide I have ever read. It starts by telling you how to find a ghost to befriend. It also gives you a some Do’s and Don’t’s, with helpful instructions and even a few recipes to cook for your ghost or how to make your ghost friend much happier.

And the ending is one of the sweetest ones possible. (Won’t spoil it, but it was really nice and explains why having a ghost friend is the best kind of friend you can have).

Also, yes, I changed my background puzzle. Funny side story, it is a 1000 piece puzzle, that somehow came with one piece duplicated and one missing (so it is the 1000 pieces, technically no piece missing, except there is). And the duplicate kept confusing me a lot. But at least it has a Christmas/winter mood 🙂

Moon recommends

Read How to Make Friends with a Ghost, because it is sweet and lovely, and friendship is important. And I hope you have a good Christmas Eve. If you don’t celebrate, have a lovely day, if you do, don’t stress too mcuh and enjoy the family and company.

Thanks for taking the time to read my reviews and musings 🙂