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Moon Hauls: Magical Level-Up! Yume Twins

Subscription box: YumeTwins

Theme/Month: Magical Level-Up!, November 2021

Ownership: One off purchase since I really enjoy the contents but it becomes too much for me on a monthly basis. I am not as cutesy and cuddly as the box is, so I pick and choose the ones I cannot resist.

Yume Twins is a monthly subscription box focused on the kawaii and cute of life. It is focused on fandoms and makes sure to include a lot of items from a variety of them. They are a favourite and you can see reviews of their boxes from even as far back as 2018 because they are always good quality.

So after the Magical Girl theme tempted me too much and I couldn’t resist it, here are the contents of it:

  • Underneath everything, there is a small blanket from Sakura CardCaptor, it is relatively small but it fits comfortably over a lap or to warm your feet.
  • Sailor Moon set of cards
  • Ghibli stationery set which is cute
  • Tiny round Sanrio figurine, you got a random one from a selection of potential options.
  • Coffin of notes, at first it surprised me and felt odd but I think they are cute and in a nice little tin.
  • A squishable super soft magical cat pillow which I adore

As usual, the cutness of this wins a lot and I am very happy with everything that came in the box. No complaints, so if you’re into cute boxes, this is a lovely one. Shipping is fast, and reliable.

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