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It’s a Kind of Magic Illumicrate Unboxing

I really like the vibe of this box, it feels very fitting to the book it featured. So let’s dive in, starting from the top left corner:

  • Discovery of Witches pin. I struggled to read this one due to the main love interest so I gifted my copies away. But the pin is cool
  • Uprooted Tote, which is a super dreamy eerie tote and I love it. It is perfect!
  • Magnetic coin (not bothered by it, as you may already know).
  • Theme booklet, I love the design is eerie, witchy, green.
  • Bellatrix promotional booklet.
  • Witchlands pin banner underneath the book (I like the size and that it is black).
  • Sanctuary, by Vic James. I have been really looking forward to it since I knew it was going to exist. (And I won a proof copy plus some extras at YALC so this is awesome!)
  • Wicked Saints Tiptych, love the artwork.
  • Second half of the bookends. I am a little bit disappointed by them as they are much too fragile and the pointy bits are bending even before I have used them just by moving them. But I do like the idea of the design.
  • A “book” Magic Spells ceramic pot. I am bad with plants but this makes me want to plant something in it and see it grow and be magic…

I was a bit of two hearts on this box. Some items are awesome, some I am not that crazy about but what definitely goes is that gorgeous totebag, favourite item for sure and I am very happy with the gorgeous green sprayed edges of the book.

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