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For Book Lovers Illumicrate Unboxing

A double book Illumicrate, dedicated to books and the love of books, yes please of course I want it (I mean I know in general I like Illumicrate, but this one was so tempting). Let’s start with the contents on the top left corner and going clockwise (back to normal):

  • Birthday by Meredith Russo. You can kinda see the sprayed rainbow edges on the side (gorgeous). This book wasn’t really in my radar, so unsure what to expect.
  • For Book Lovers zine/booklet.
  • Underneath everything we have a Goddess of Reading Tapestry. I like it as a light blanket type of thing but wouldn’t hang it up. Maybe turn it into a curtain… I do wish it was mroe blanket type than a wall tapestry (why do book boxes think we have endless wall space?! We just DON’T!)
  • A sampler of The Paer & Hearts Society, which I read and it confirmed I wasn’t feeling the book, so I was glad to have it there.
  • The main book, This Time will be Different. I have been looking forward to this one for a very long time so I was really happy to see it included.
  • A TBR Jar, which is cute, but we already established that I have two TBR bookcases and several piles fo books strewn around the house, so this jar just won’t fit all my TBR in it (not even in tiny pieces of paper).
  • Part one of the Bookend, which is gorgeous. This is meant to be the Reality part and there’s a Fantasy side in the next box (looking forward to it and to compare). I will say that this is cute but I prefer the other bookends that came ina different book box.
  • Page tabs/flags. I never use them or if I do they get all crumpled and horrible so I get annoyed them.
  • The collectible coin, still NOT into them but whatever.
  • The book came in this cute booksleeve. Thoguh being a bit plasticky it isn’t as foldable, adaptable as the fabric ones but I like it.

All in all a nice box and kept a love of books at the top of it so I was happy with it.

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