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Adventure Awaits Illumicrate Unboxing


First proper monthly Illumicrate. I have liked their quarterly boxes (and their special editions) for too long to not give this a go.  So here we go. Startin from the theme card on the far right bottom corner and going clockwise:

  • Theme booklet. ~I like that you have to open it to see what is in the box, so you don’t spoil yourself accidentally.
  • LOTR pins. That Eye of Sauron, is so beautifully detailed!
  • The red and blue notebooks aren’t together but they’re meant to be a set of them inspired by The Raven Cycle (interesting that also Book Box Club box had something to do with this fandom, however, totally different items and both gorgeous).
  • Excalibur water bottle, which came at a good time as I have resolved to drink more water at work, so this one is now on my desk.
  • Muse of Nightmares postcard
  • Mistborn socks. I have a soft spot for socks, and this pair is discreet enough but also gorgeous, so win.
  • The Grand Tour mug rug, I have used it as a “teapot” rug instead and a “cooking pot” one too, and it is great at that. I had no clue what fandom it was at a glance and Grand Tour to me means cars and Amazon Prime show, so I knew I had it wrong. It is from The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice & Virtue and their tour (I wasn’t into this series, so yeah, wouldn’t have guessed).
  • Once & Future, the book and a “card” with the author letter. The book ahs gorgeous teal sprayed edges and I was smitten immediately!
  • PROUD bookmark
  • Do you dream of Terra Two? sampler. (Interesting but doesn’t feel like my thing…)

So overall, I liked this box. It felt a little more hodgepodge than the usual quarterly boxes but I am hoping this gets better as they make more monthly ones and figure out how to make it work.

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