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Pokemon Holiday Parade Yume Twins Unboxing


Let’s go everyone!

December’s Yume Twin’s box was all about pokemon (sadly I had not as much Pokemon goodness as I wished for, but nevermind). Starting from the far left and going towards the right (yes, it’s a weird layout, that’s what happens when you do a “panoramic” puzzle instead of the wisdom of a normal puzzle).

  • A Pikachu rice mold. I like rice molds, they’re cute, they make great onigiris and it is fun. However, Pikachu has thin ears so I predict a failure for me because I am not that good at it (and do not have the patience for fiddly ears). However, it is a great add on and fun!
  • Bonus cozy fluffy socks, which I squeaked a little about when I unboxed because I love cozy socks and have had to get rid of some so it was perfect to get new ones in here!
  • A Pikachu case. It comes with a carabiner and it looks quite sturdy, almsot like a game console kind of case, but it doesn’t seem the right size for either the 3DS or the Switch, so I am still trying to figure this one out.
  • Hello Kitty (or Pokemon, but I got Hello Kitty) stickers and sticky notes. Which brought me back to my childhood where I had a CD game for my Windows 98 computer (yeah, I am old now, oh well)
  • A pocket animal plushie, in this case a cow for me, which is super cute, so no complaints there. It is squishable and good as a key ring and against stress.
  • And at the end we have a charm, I got Vaporeon but you could get several different Eevee evolutions or even just Eevee or Pikachu with a Pokeball. Cute too.

I liked the box, but it was a bit sad because there wasn’t as much Pokemon in mine as I wished, and I hoped there would be a Pokeball themed item (maybe a lip balm, or a plush Pokeball or something).

Also, this is my second to last box of YumeTwins for now, as I am cutting down on my boxes (or trying to), There are reasons, which you can read about on New Year’s post 🙂


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