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Clever Ruse Illumicrate Unboxing


This is the full unboxuing of Illumicrate and it’s still one of the first few themed boxes they make. I am a bit undecided about them. I love the special edition boxes they make, however I think I loved the non-themed boxes more than the themed one. I feel a little like trying to stick to the theme adds items that have less value. But I blable, let’s unbox it!

Starting from the banner on the top left and going clockwise:

  • Caraval/Circus inspired Banner. This one was very much a “why?” item. I do not use banners, bunting is even a bit too much (who has all the wall space and everything for all of it?) And it didn’t feel special enough, I even initially thought it was a Hufflepuff inspired item rather than circus, which doesn’t really help the item sadly.
  • Underneath is an utterly striking gorgeous Mulan isnpired scarf (it is silky, soft and it is more one of the old “bandana” silk squares that can be used for hair or as a scarf, or many other uses) and I do love it very much!
  • Wooden bookmark. I am also on the verge of this item, don’t get me wrong it is lovely, but I prefer paper bookmarks. Woodmarks are too thick for most books and crack more easily than paper bookmarks.
  • There was an envelope with the origami instructions for This Mortal Coil promo stuff. I had preordered This Mortal Coil, so I had on my bookcase one already made to showcase how it should look once completed 🙂 I liked it.
  • Poppy War promotional bookmark.
  • Stag (I am told it is Sarah J. Maas books inspired but I thought more of The Light Between Worlds and Narnia than of her books when I saw this) necklace.
  • Coffee cup “wrap”. I was pleased to get this one (though I know others weren’t). I have several travel mugs and only one has a “heat” protecting wrap, and now I have this one to use too! Welcome item that wasn’t the usual (and this made me think a lot of the core of Illumicrate and why I have been subscribed for so long to them).
  • Two books!!!! Tamora Pierce’s Wild Magic (I am told this is a good book and I am eager to read it soonish) and the main event, Empress of All Seasons, which I am very excited about (and it came with bookplate and letter).

All in all I liked the box, though I would’ve prefered a bit more variation and less sticking to the theme, but that’s the way most book boxes work nowadays (I loved the randomness and non themed bit of Illumicrate, but that’s my opinion, doesn’t mean I will stop getting them now, I won’t until I am not getting happy feelings out of receiving and unboxing my boxes).

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