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Yume Twins Unboxing



Hi everyone, sorry, I know the picture is dark, but it’s a sign of autumn and the days are darker so I come home to less light and picture taking is affected a little by it.

This is October’s Yume Twins box. And one of my favourite ones surprisingly. Starting from the top right corner and going clockwise:

  • Cute fluffy bunny plushie.
  • Origami Ghibli sheets (mine are Spirited Away themed which of course is not a bad thing and the only thing better would’ve been Howl’s Moving Castle).
  • Cat fingerless gloves. They are super soft and fluffy and come with a string so you can attache them to each other and hang around your neck.
  • Nyan Vampire Cat stickers (I didn’t know of this cat but I am loving him!)
  • Pokemon mini towels. They seem the perfect travel face towel size and good quality and there’s three of them (I had fun trying to find a way to show all three without actually opening the pack).
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service mug. It is a plastic cup/mug and it was the first thing I unboxed and I loved it. It reminds me of my childhood (I didn’t have a mug Kiki themed, but I had Disney and Winnie the Pooh ones in similar shape and style).
  • Finally, the gorgeous file holder (I think it may also be called a file pocket?) with Nyan Cat on it. It has like an envelope thing inside to hold your files so they don’t just slide down and out of it.

I loved this box and it was very very cute (plus all the Ghibli stuff, yay!)

2 thoughts on “Yume Twins Unboxing”

  1. Fingerless cat gloves are the most precious thing ever!! I need them in my life. I’ve never heard of this box before. I also love the file holder. It looks like something teenage me would have used in school. Adult me would use it too, actually 😀

    1. Adult me loves it all and teenage me would’ve also 😛 It isn’t a popular box but I love it and it is full of cute but functional.

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