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Into the Wild Book Box Club Unboxing


This is their second anniversary box! And it was gorgeous and made me smile a lot. Starting with the theme postcard at the bottom and going clockwise:

  • A forest in a theme card.
  • The Other Side of Lost by Jessi Kirby which makes me think of “Wild”(the book) though I haven’t read yet Other Side of Lost. Will buddy read next week.
  • Clubhouse invite, personalised as always <3
  • The Lost Boys Notebook, by Georgine Makes. It is a bit dark so hard to appreciate all the details but the design is very much witchy and dark and full of nature.
  • Peeking from underneath is a multipurpose scarf (the bag it came in has all the different ways you can use) making us ready to survive anything in style!
  • Camper’s Picnic Bag by Sass and Belle. I love anything by them most of the time and this isn’t the exception.
  • Adventurer’s Remedy Massage Bar by Naked Sister. I recently got introduced to the magic of massage bars and they’re good! So ti was nice to see this in the box.
  • A sticky notepad from publisher’s promoting Dear Evan Hansen.
  • Damsel, a proof copy of it, which made me squeal because it was one fo those books I really wanted to read!
  • A nice postcard about being reading.
  • A Reader’s Pin
  • And a CabeswaterCandle by Bookworm Candles & Crafts.

4 thoughts on “Into the Wild Book Box Club Unboxing”

  1. ooh, two books? plus all the goodies, what an awesome box!

    1. It was so very good! Made me happy to have bought it!

    1. They are unique, you also get an author chat in about a month’s time, which is very cool.

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