Subscription Boxes

Rebels in Ballgowns Fairyloot Unboxing


This sounded like an exciting theme so I kept my subscription and here we are, starting from the theme card on the top right and moving clockwise:

  • Theme/Spoiler card.
  • Nevernight/Godsgrave inspired  by Geeky Clean. It smells qutie enticing and it is lovely in a glass jar.
  • Reading Journal, which looks quite interesting and I hope I will use it, though I admit I suck at journalling 🙁
  • Cushion Cover, I do like some of them but there have been too many recently in Fairyloot so I wasn’t too keen to receive yet another one (and specially if it is mostly just a quote).
  • Grace & Fury, with author letter, signed bookplate, postcard and theme bookmark.
  • Mask necklace, which was my absolute favourite item from this box.
  • Sea Witch sampler poster from publisher.
  • Ink and Wonder patch, their designs are always so lovely and it was interesting to see them in a patch (but seriously, why patches, I never use patches!)
  • Shatter Me magnetic bookmarks, they are surprisingly heavy and detailed.

It was a nice box but I have to say I was a little sad to see another cushion cover in it and a patch (even if it is Ink and Wonder). But I am looking forward to reading the book.

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