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Enchantment Essentials LootCrate

I am wary of LootCrate but I still couldn’t resist giving this particular box a go because of the theme, and thankfully, no regrets.


Let’s see what was inside:

  • Hogwarts Crest T-shirt (it is short sleeves). IT isn’t my absolute favourite but it is soft and it fits so not complaining.
  • Doe Patronus pin, because Lily and James shared one and well, a Patronus is an important thing to be able to do, right?
  • Newt Scamander, a Movie Scrapbook, which is probably my favourite piece in this box and I utterly enjoyed it.
  • A set of four notebooks that look similar to moleskins so loving that, because I can never have too many notebooks (someone send help, I do have quite a lot of them!)
  • A Ravenclaw (it was actually a “House” one but I am Ravenclaw, so yeah) magnet which is proudly displayed on our fridge now.
  • And a door sign with Wizards/muggles text. (Probably my least favourite item from this box).

It was a fun box, the book was a pleasant thing to find in it and I was very happy with it. However the shipping takes ages to get here, I have been tracking it for like a month! Not fond of that part at all.


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