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The Memory Trees Review

This book was part of November’s Book Box Club and we just had the Clubhouse meeting last week.


The Memory Trees by Kali Wallace


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I struggled with this book. It was a slow-burn, the prose was beautiful but it left me with so many questions and the ending just made me wonder what happened next. I don’t mind books that leave me some questions, but this one left me wanting to know so much more as if there was a next book and I don’t think there is meant to be another one.

However, the way it portrays mental illness is impressive and it was a wonderful thing to read in that sense. And it has a very ethereal feel to it that makes it hard to place.

Also, one of my favourite things is that there isn’t a “forced” romance between characters. It was very refreshing to not have to deal with that aspect of a book when it wasn’t necessary.

Moon recommends

This book has a very distinctive feel like The Disappearances. So if you liked this one, then definitely recommend you read The Disappearances or the other way around. The orchard was a delightful place, even if there was a lot going on.


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