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Into The Future Ninja Book Box

Ninja Book Box are a UK based book box with the focus on indie books and small companies. And this was their anniversary box.


So starting with the mug on the top left corner and going clockwise:

  • The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For Today mug.
  • Futuristic Foam by Geeky Clean (I was very happy to see this one in there as I love their products).
  • 2084, which is a collection of short stories that was funded by Kickstarter I think.
  • Story Cubes with a futuristic/space theme
  • Ninja Recipe Card, this time it was biscuits.
  • Tiny red books bunting
  • Ladybug mask which reminds me of a TV show called something like My Darling Ladybug (?).
  • A lot of Fox Spirit merch. It included a coaster, a pocket mirror, a keyring/bottle opener, a pin, postcard and an ebook.
  • And not in the picture because I am a forgetful Moon, a cute Saturn charm.


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