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Spells & Remedies Book Box Club

This is the first unboxing I post here, and I am so happy it is for Book Box Club.

In case you are new to this blog or just living in another planet, this is my favourite book subscription box and I haven been subscribed to them for almost a year (I still am and there are no plans to cancel that subscription).

The theme was Spells & Remedies and it was for the month of July 2017. It was also a perfect birthday present in so many ways (more on this further in the post).

But before I start raving about them too much, let’s go directly into the contents of the box!


Starting from the theme card and going in clockwise order, the box was packed full of delightful goodies.

First we have a bookmark from Usborne YA. It is a promotional for After The Fire, by Will Hill. I will just say that you have to read this book because it is currently my 2017 best read book.

Then we have a Hocus Pocus tea pocuh from BlueBird Tea Co. They started out in Brighton and have slowly been introducing themselves into the bookish box world (if I am not mistaken their first book box was Nerdy Bookworm Box).

Then we have a Cabeswater soap which I have yet to try, from Just Fribble. There was another option you could get which was blue. They’re both inspired by The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater.

On top of the book of the month is a lovely Shakespeare inspired bookmark (isn’t it so cute and delicate?) by Holly Grace Illustration. It’s so pretty looking I don’t want to take it out of it’s protective cover.

That takes us to the actual book, which was the most gorgeous cover version of The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy. And I have just found out that this paperback cover version of the book is technically way ahead since it won’t be released until next year!

The book has gorgeous prose and at first it is quite strange but it quickly grows on you and now I want to read more and finish it. Can’t wait for the Clubhouse!

Delightful bunting from The Literary Omnistore, it is so pretty and lovely I am tempted to use it but since my bookshelves are on the living room that’s not really a good idea.

Two bookish samplers also were included, one for S.T.A.G.S and one for It Only Happens in the Movies. Haven’t read them yet but surely will at some point and they’ll probably end in my TBR list.

Then we have the scrolled invitation to the clubhouse which is a chat with the author. This are usually packed full of fun, reveals and other tid bits and they’re one of the highlights of my month.

And finally, the Bookish Reflection mirror, designed by yours truly, Moon Kestrel.I didn’t know what the book was but I was given a good idea of what the design should cover and so I did a few sketches, the girls chose the one they liked most, and then I did a final drawing by hand. Once it was approved, I inked it digitally and technically I wasn’t going to colour it, but I couldn’t resist! I over did the details too. Here’s a much bigger version of it.

Book Box Club - Spells and Remedies Coloured

And last but not least, my lovely box arrived a day after my birthday and inside there was a little extra… A birthday card and a copy of After The Fire. I was so surprised by the kindness of the girls, I was speechless.


If you find Book Box Club interesting, they’re currently selling their Outlaws September box, which is also their anniversary box. If you’d like to get a 5% discount on your subscription, you can use code MOON17 at checkout.

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None of the other links are sponsored nor do I get anything from promoting them except sharing the love. I am not an official rep for Book Box Club or anything like that either.

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