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Fox and the Box Review

Fox and the Box by Yvonne Ivinson

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I got this book gifted by a friend frm my wishlist, and I loved it. I can review it here but I think the best review you will get is my reading it aloud.

I absolutely adored the story and the artwork to match, it is easy, sweet but such a delight to read as you can see from the video. It is a gorgeous fun book that I would recommend as a joy to read to anybody who wants a bit of kindness and niceness in their lives or who wants a cute book to read to their children.

Come on, it has a fox in it!

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Natural Magic WeReadBox Unboxing

I managed to get a nice deal for the WeReadBox of November 2019, since there was some issues with the one for The Strangeworlds Travel Agency. As expected, as soon as I saw the fox theme I had to have it (what else, right?). So to unbox what is inside, let’s start on the top right:

  • A jigsaw puzzle for the image on the box. This is to match both books, and I love it.
  • The Clockwork Crow and The Velvet Fox, as the two featured books by Catherine Fisher.
  • A bookmark that is two sided one per book.
  • A super gorgeous fox enamel pin (it is inbetween the books).
  • A tiny acorn phone charm (it’s on top of the black piece of paper)
  • And the final item is a craft to make an ornament with an origami fox and crow and a cog.

This was my first WeReadBox and I am glad I got it, plus the theme was wonderful and it has a lot of foxes. The craft intrigues me, but you need to go to their website to find instructions and I kinda wish there had been instructions on the leaflet that comes with the books just in case, but otherwise I like the contents of the box and can’t wait to get the one for Strangeworlds!

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Little Lost Fox Review

Little Lost Fox by Carolina Rabei

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Another cute children’s book I recently got gifted from my wishlist. It is easy to figure out why it was on my wishlist. Yes, it is because it has cute foxes on the cover and the title goes about it too.

The story is about a little girl who has a many toys but her favourite is a cute fox, but suddenly her fox disappears and is lost. So she follows some paw prints and finds a fox cub who seems lost and lonely, which it is why it has borrowed the fox toy.

And so they set off to search for Mother Fox around the area until they find her, but the little girl has made new friends so she has more company to play with afterwards.

The artwork is really cute and the story is lovely and just nice to read. The foxes are gorgeous and it wins at being easy to read but entertaining and heartwarming.

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Fox 8 Review


Fox 8 by George Saunders

An enchanting and darkly comic fable of human greed and nature, from the Man Booker Prize-winning author of Lincoln in the Bardo, exquisitely illustrated by Chelsea Cardinal

Fox 8 has always been curious, and a bit of a daydreamer. And, by hiding outside houses at dusk and listening to children’s bedtime stories, he has learned to speak ‘Yuman’.

The power of words and the stories built from them is intoxicating for a fox with a poetic soul, but there is ‘danjur’ on the horizon: a new shopping mall is being built, cutting off his pack’s food supply. To save himself and his fellow foxes, Fox 8 will have to set out on a harrowing quest from the wilds of nature deep into the dark heart of suburbia.

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This was an impulse buy. I mean, it has a fox, was signed by the author and it looks gorgeous and has some illustrations on the top of the pages. How could I resist? (Just in case you were wondering, I couldn’t, literally as soon as I was shown this book I went and preordered).

The story starts by Fox 8 introducing himself and explaining that his English may not be best written but he has learned it and well, what did you expect, he is indeed a fox.

But not just any fox, but a smart fox that likes bedtime stories and watching humans. And as such, he learns, not only to “spell” but to talk human. And he tries to use this to his advantage, as he can read it so he can help his friends.

Then they find out a mall has been built in the middle of their grounds, and they have to figure out how to find food and water and not die. So Fox 8 goes to the mall and tries to find a way to help.

This is the story about that, and it is cute, and sad, and so real, and it made me feel so many feelings as I read this.

Moon recommends

I should read more fox stories! But meanwhile go read Fox 8. It’s good, and the illustrations are superb.

Subscription Boxes

Rattle the Stars Bookish Land Unboxing

EDIT: Due to several incidents with the company I cannot recommend you buy this box anymore. They use items made exclusively for other boxes, do not provide good value for money, and have terrible customer service. Maja has a long post about this on her blog with lots of details, and the print featured here is from Evie.


As you may all know by now, I like trying new book boxes (or at least, book boxes I haven’t tried before) and this time, the theme for Bookish Land was right up my street.

Bookish Land is a book box with a twist. Each one is fully customised which means no two boxes are exactly the same and almost every single item is handmade by the brains behind this box or by an independent shop. As a warning it is on the slightly expensive end of the subscription boxes but it is still an interesting box.


Let’s start with the actual box. It is decorated by hand and I utterly loved it. It came wrapped in kraft/brown paper and bubble wrap on top so it was well protected which was a bonus to see. All of the parts of the box that you can see are decorated, trust me, it is an amazing piece of work.


Going clockwise from the card at the bottom:

  • “I need more space” tote bag (this made me smile a lot, I want a t-shirt like this).
  • Astronaut print.
  • Wrapping paper of the book, it was gorgeous.
  • Inside the box, bookmark with two different quotes.
  • Inside the box, quote print (this was part of an Owlcrate box, made by Evie)
  • Space candle, it smells very fruity and delicious and it is decorate inside too.
  • Bath bomb in a tiny jar, I have yet to try this one
  • Wooden astronaut with a star charm, which is becoming a Christmas tree decoration!
  • The long way to a small angry planet by Becky Chambers.
  • A printed card that came with the wooden charm and I thought was really lovely.

All in all it was a gorgeous box and I was very pleased with it. I think if the theme speaks to you, it is worth getting it at least once. The amount of detail and effort makes it worth it.


You can purchase a box here (also, as a note, you can ask for your own themeif the current one doesn’t do it for you). October’s theme is “I put a spell on you” (and I am quite tempted to get it for myself…).