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MoonReads: Garlic & the Vampire

Garlic & the Vampire by Bree Paulsen

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This was an adorable little graphic novel. The premise is that a witch has enchanted her vegetable switch personality and they are sentient and her children, so we have Garlic who wants to be brave and a few others. Everything is as normal until they see smoke coming out of the castle and the legends of a vampire being there crop up into the gossip thread running through the town and among the vegetables and fruits the witch has.

So Garlic ends up being volunteered to help fight the vampire or at least confront it because you know, everyone knows that vampires don’t like garlic. Or so is the overall logic.

The story basically covers how garlic goes on her little adventure. And honestly, this was a very enjoyable sweet book. The artwork gives it a magical but like old school matter of fact feel while the plot makes it even better. Each of the vegetables has an interesting personality and the overall town and witch and vegetable interaction are brilliant.

To say if garlic actually finds a vampire and what happens would be to spoil the story but I honestly loved the idea of it and the execution of it. But I can definitely say it is an underrated read and worth exploring as a graphic novel for all ages.

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