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Dangers of the Deep Book Box Club Unboxing

A well themed box with a book I wanted to read (it is so gorgeous!), so let’s go unboxing, starting on the theme card and going clockwise:

  • Theme Card, definitely matches book and thene.
  • Whale notebook, I like notebooks and the artwork is gorgeous
  • Socks, mermaid socks! I am a happy human and they’re cute.
  • Two publisher’s frebies
  • Clubhouse invite for a chat with the author
  • Octopus pin, this is very detailed and cute.
  • Another promo item
  • Dangers of the Deep Shampoo Bar. This caused a great conversation about them at work and I raved on how good they are, so I am looking forward to using it and think it is great we get alternative care items beyond lip balms and creams and scrubs. Love it!
  • A sturdy coaster, this is a really good one!
  • Deeplight by Frances Hardinge. It is a super gorgeous book and I can’t wait to read.
  • A signed map, since Waterstones had the exclusive rights to signed books so we get a signature on the map. A good way to get away with a signature, clever and crafty!

All in all, a box very well themed that gives an ocean and deep sea vibe and I can’t wait to start reading the book today with our reading group.

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