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Oscar The Orgo Review

Oscar The Orgo by RJ Furness and Fiona Fletcher

Informal review because it isn’t on Goodreads yet (it will be, just not yet). This is another Orgo book (and I am facepalming myself right now because I have Trey and she should’ve been in this picture but it didn’t cross my mind when I took it. In my defense I had a head splitting migraine).

Back to Oscar, this is a picture book of Orgo, rather than a read with some illustrated pages sometimes kind of book. And it is in a very watercolour style.

It features Oscar a new orgo that has been born and that can’t stop singing. I mean, babies crying is one thing, but a little Orgo that keeps singing and singing? I am not sure that’s much better (I mean, I like music, and songs abut I don’t think I’d put up with it non stop).

Anyway, the story progresses as Oscar keeps singing and it does end well, with Oscar finding a good purpose to his song. It is a cute little story to read with your children (or to them?). And introduces them to the world of Orgo.

I enjoyed it and it was light read for a day that was defined with a headache.

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